Life Cycles Blu-ray/DVD
Life Cycles Blu-ray/DVD

Life Cycles Blu-ray/DVD


Produced in Rossland and partially filmed at Revolution!

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There has never really been a mountain bike movie like this before. And it may be a long time before anyone else can capture a wisp of the feeling Life Cycles has captured. Derek Frankowski and Ryan Gibb, the creators of this masterpiece, have my respect.

Life Cycles exhibits a paradigm shift in the way mountain bike movies are made. Every scene offers an explosion of color, a lack of color, a thought provoking idea, and then it’s visually stunning again. The cinematography is truly awesome.

But that’s not all that Life Cycles is about. Depending upon your stage in life and what experiences you have had, you relate to the movie in different ways. Growing up around bikes my entire life, I totally get the story–almost as if the movie was playing what someone had read in my mind.

After watching it, all of a sudden a few doors in my mind opened up. Things from the past that were buried under cobwebs and day-to-day life started to emerge again–a purer way of thinking. Getting back to the day when things were simpler, less tech-oriented. As of late, people (myself included) are/were all about the latest and greatest, all about what’s new, what new technology we’re exploiting. It gets to the point where you’re not satisfied unless you have the latest and greatest between your legs when you’re riding… like the lack of a boostvalve or tapered bore piston is going to diminish your ride for whatever reason.

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