Rossland is a hotbed of Fat Biking in the winter.  Sure the town is full of skiers, but when it's 'cold and old' you'll find a lot of us out there, riding many of the same trails that we do in the summer.  The only difference is that the tires are bigger and the trails are smoother and more bermed out as the snow has buried all the roots and rocks.   (Of course, it is snow so you are never sure what you may get, we don't recommend that you head out after a big storm or if it's been above freezing for more than 24 hrs.)  

While we are still working on establishing some mechanized grooming for the singletrack, there is a sizeable network of trails around town and up at the north Seven Summits trailhead that see regular traffic and are generally a blast to ride.  Check with us at the shop for current conditions and rental Fat bikes!

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