Update: July 1st '18 .  Happy Canada Day!  As usual at this time of year, the snow has recently beat a fast retreat and the Seven Summits is open to anyone that is willing to push through a little snow.  Approximately 500 m (total) of pushing through snow in a few spots along the trail should be the biggest obstacle in your ride.  Other than the fast melting patches of snow, the trail is currently in it's best shape in a long time.  Sections that were new last year are rolling better than ever after the winter and the additions to the Dewdney trail have made the ride both longer and more fun.  As always, much respect for Stew Spooner and the KCTS trail crew!

A 'bucket list' trail for many, the Seven Summits trail is a big effort for most folks.  Officially an IMBA Epic, the trail lives up to its status with long demanding climbs and action packed high speed descents through rough Alpine terrain.  Typically the season for an end to end on the trail is July, August and September.  Occasionally we get lucky and ride it well into October but sometimes the snow comes early so it's a gamble.   June is a great month for 'out and backs' to the snow line at the north end, a favourite amongst the locals.  


A point-to-point ridge line trail, it is best shuttled unless you are truly fit and hungry for punishment.  Please call the good folks at Mountain Shuttle at 250 231-4305 to set this up


Video of the 7 summits CLICK HERE!


Things you should know about the trail before you go:


  • It can be ridden as a loop from town but that involves about 22km of highway riding and the vast majority prefer to shuttle the trail and conserve their energy for the singletrack.


  • Take LOTS of water, as it's ridgeline most of the way there is pretty much no water to be found along the trail.


  • Yes, it's only 30 km but most people consider it a tough 30 kms.


  • Your best bike choice is a 4-6" light trail/all mountain bike with large volume tires.


  • The preferred direction of travel is North to South. Riding it this way, most people add the Dewdney trail at the end which adds another 7 kms of descending to the day. Including the Dewdney, there's 1135m of climbing and 1960m of descending along the way.


  • The trail takes you through a fragile alpine ecosystem. Please stay on the trail at all times! We want our singletrack epic to stay singletrack!

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