To our valued customers and friends,  


We are pleased to be open but are operating under special circumstances.   We have created the following rules and procedures in order to be able to remain open safely.  We appreciate your help with the following:

We would appreciate if you would wear a mask when you are coming in the store. Bring your own if you can.

We will now limit the store to 6 person at the time

  • We will ask you to sanitize your hands upon entry. 
  •  Please follow the "One way aisle" signs on the floor.
  • Please maintain a 2 m distance from staff at all times for everyone’s protection.
  • We ask that no one that is displaying any symptoms enters the store.  
  • Please do not touch anything unnecessarily.
  • You can try on items for purchase, if it does not fit we will put it aside for 3 days and sanitize it before it goes back on the shelves.  


For Bicycle Service: 


We are taking appointments for bike service.  Please give us a call and we will do a work order over the phone. Bikes coming in for service are being sprayed down with alcohol on the obvious contact points. As always we would appreciate it if you clean your bike before you bring it in.  When you drop it off, please place it in the rack and knock on the door. We will call you when the bike is ready and you will be able to pay over the phone with a CC card or e-transfer. 


     If you’d like to make an appointment to look at and ride bicycles you are welcome to do so but it is not required. 


  We would like to encourage everyone to use the telephone 250 362 5688, and email, [email protected] wherever possible, and to use our online store to view stock.   Purchases can be made there or by phoning the store.  We are also offering pickup service for bikes and drop off for purchased items and tuned bicycles within a 50 km radius.   Please note that we have many items that are not yet online so please let us know if you are looking for something and don’t see it.


The door handle and desk tops are being sanitized often. The CC machine is sanitized after each use.   We will continue these practices until we feel it’s safe or we are instructed to do otherwise.    


      For now we will maintain shortened 10 am - 5:30 pm hours from Monday - Saturday 

                                          Closed on Sunday and holidays this summer

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