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Piko 4 Light

It's night riding  season, and we have the Piko 4 1200lumens light in stock....

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All new bikes come with one year no labour charges too!



Welcome to Revolution Cycles, Rossland BC, Canada

Revolution is proud to be Rossland's bike shop and the only cycle specific store in the entire Kootenay region.  As a mechanic owned shop, we know that the meddle of any bike store lies in the level of service they are able to provide.   We pride ourselves on concentrating year round on bikes and believe that it lets us deliver an experience that is second to none.  If you live here then you know, if not, come for a visit and enjoy our world class riding and unbeatable service and shopping experience.

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Need some sweet  gifts for that awesome cyclist in your life? We have great gifts from Resource Revival all made of recycled bike parts.

Have you heard the buzz?  It's coming from some really big tires and they are surprizing everyone who tries them.  They roll much better than you would think and the big deal is that they let you keep riding your...