Neck Brace, Atlas Tyke
Neck Brace, Atlas Tyke

Neck Brace, Atlas Tyke

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    Extreme sports require agility and mobility, even if you're 5 years old.... so Atlas created the Tyke Motocross Neck Brace. This is no down sized adult MX neck brace; this is a custom built product that was specifically engineered to conform to the proportions of small children that are just starting out. The Atlas Tyke Motocross Neck Brace fits a small child just like an adult brace fits a full size adult, and even though the product is miniature it still preserves the innovative features of its bigger counterparts to create unmatched performance for even the smallest riders. Just like the Atlas Prodigy Motocross Neck Brace, the Tyke was designed to follow the riders movements while staying clear of the riders spine and collar/sternum, and still allowing 100% protection and comfort at all times. The Atlas Tyke also delivers innovative features, comfort, style, simplicity and adjustability, with no bulk.
  • Unique Frame Design: Specifically engineered to fit very young riders properly, and still allowing the range of motion needed.
  • Re-engineered Entry/Exit System: Doubles as the Emergency Release System. With the push of a button, a user can enter, or exit the brace very easily.
  • Dual Pivoting Back Supports: Provides greater surface area spread across the back, aiming to reduce pressure points in critical areas of the body.
  • Reversible CNC'd Rear Mounts: Offer adjustment without the need for an additional set of mounts, two sizes built into one mount.
  • Youth Chest Strap: Redesigned chest strap system with more adjustment and simplified operation.
  • Simplistic Flexible Design: Non-rigid brace that allows the frame to flex upward and downward in the rear, maximizing comfort and minimizing bulk.
  • Adjustability: Reversible rear mounts offer multiple offsets for chest size, and a custom fit for smaller individuals.
  • Open Sternum: Helps transfer the impact around the sternum on a greater surface of the body, possibly reducing the risk of a fracture.
  • Chest Suspension: Unique, flexible, leaf spring designed chest supports that aid in absorbing and slowing down Hyper-Flexion impacts. This innovative suspension system can also help to reduce some forces transferred through the helmet, head, and chest by distributing them through the brace.
  • Custom Energy Absorbing Padding: Unique material properties help to disperse energy from an impact before it reaches the body, reducing smaller injuries or muscle fatigue when compared to conventional EVA foams. All padding is water resistant to ensure no added weight or wet padding during use.
  • Complete Package: Each Atlas Tyke Brace is packaged complete with a chest strap system, 1 drawstring brace bag, and a multi-language user manual.
  • Sizing Recommendations: (Sizing is based on chest circumference - distance around the chest, measured high on the chest, just under the arms).
    One Size.............. 24" - 28" Chest

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