The start of something big... and smooth....

The start of something big... and smooth....

The first report on our singletrack grooming initiative.


Here we are, after much work and many details. Rory Belter and the rest of us have succeeded in realizing the dream of a mechanized method of compacting and grooming singletrack!   The above photo was taken this morning on lower Red Top after we groomed it last night.  The lower half set up very well and was rideable this morning.  The top half, for whatever reason (temperature?), did not set up as firmly.  This is just the start of the adventure.  We are committed to developing a network of trails that will see regular compaction and grooming for our growing community of fat bikers.  Please look for and support upcoming fund raising for the machine, insurance and operating costs.  We'd like to thank the KCTS for their assistance in helping us as well as the private land owners willing to let us do our thing.  


The following individuals have contributed generously and let us get this project off the ground:  

Al Eagleton, Phillipa Johnstone, Ryder Eagleton, Chase Eagleton, Ethan Meginnes, Alex Loeb, Matt Chalmbers, Wes Hickey, Vince and Melanie Boothe, Murray Mead, Pierre Fournier.   Thanks so much for your faith and support!


Look to this space for further updates.  At this time we have permission to groom Red Top.   After the FatDuro this weekend we hope to get the Larch Ridge/Monticola/BS trails opened up once we have the proper signage.  


snow dog




  1. Rory Belter Rory Belter

    So I did 3 laps at the golf course with the groomer. Its not perfect there is alot of sugary snow deep underneath in some sections that have not seen much traffic. So if you are looking for something to do stomp the living tar out of that loop!
    If you choose to try ride it there will be otb moments and then there will be fast spots so ride with extreme caution.
    With out late start in grooming we don't have solid layers. please try to stay on the groomed singletrack. Redstone is wanting the traffic on the cart path so try to stay on the groomed path no matter how shitty it may be... so stomp, ski and bike the cart path route and we will groom it ! More traffic on the path will help open the trail to awesome

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