Redstone Golf Course Trails

Redstone Golf Course Trails

A new 7 km loop which essentially follow the cart path at Redstone golf course is riding well.

Rory Belter and our new grooming machine have opened up a cruisy and flowy 7km loop down at the Redstone golf course.  Following the cart path around the 18 holes, it offers a nice addition to the network as the trail is generally more negotiable by beginners than the tighter singletrack trails.  It also offers more experienced riders a chance to open up the speed a little bit.  The image shows the width of the trail with the black gloves helping to define the sides.  There is some climbing involved in the loop with approx 130 m of elevation between the top and the bottom but some ups and downs along the way.  We'll work on some better data and a map for you.


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